Thursday, December 3, 2009

That's a Creative Way to Spell it

Brandy of Nutmeg Nanny has awarded me the "Kreativ Blogger" Award!  :)  Thanks, Brandy!  These types of blog memes are great (though some would disagree) because they can introduce readers to some very interesting and creative blogs they would've never found otherwise.  There are so many great blogs out there waiting to be discovered, and word-of-mouth advertising through blog awards is one way of getting the word out.  Huzzah for networking!  The rules for this award are to: reveal seven things about yourself, then pass the award on to seven other blogs you feel are deserving of the title "Kreativ Blog" (and hope they continue to pay it forward).  Easy!

So here are my seven:
  1. I am a proud Catholic.
  2. Singing in the Church choir is the highlight of my week.  
  3. I wanted to go to culinary school and study to be a pastry chef.  Instead, I geeked out and majored in chemistry with a math minor, settling to play pastry chef during my off time.
  4. I think being a lunch lady in an elementary school cafeteria would be a very cool job.
  5. I started crocheting 14 years ago, before it turned mainstream.  My yarn stash is under my bed.
  6. I work for the oil industry.  Men make up the majority of my co-workers, and there are many days when I don't even SEE one of my female co-workers.
  7. I enjoy living in South Louisiana because of its warm, generous people, culture, and food. And because of #1 (above). Acadiana can't be beat when it comes to its strong Catholic communities!
And now, to pass the Kreativ Blogger Award on to seven others: 
  1. Amanda of Is This Thing On?
  2. Jen of Beantown Baker
  3. Karin of This Wife Bakes.
  4. Michelle of Something New is Cooking
  5. Molly of Duchess of Fork
  6. Sara of The Piggly-Wiggly
  7. Xiaolu of 6 Bittersweets


  1. I'm so glad you liked the award :) I love learning more about bloggers. Did you like the book you won?

  2. Aw thanks so much, Dorothy! You are a true sweetheart and I'm honored to be counted among these 7. Can't wait to check out the other sites =). PS - I really hope you try out that scone recipe sometime. I swear it's so tender and not hard at all!

  3. What a very nice blog you have and Congrats on your award and the foodie blogroll!


  4. Congrats on your award!! Good for you being one of the only ladies around at work :D

  5. Thank you so much Dorothy- I am so flattered! Honored!