Monday, December 21, 2009

My Girl, Paula: Stewed Salmon & Asparagus Casserole

 Since this week's My Girl, Paula! theme is a member's choice, I decided to try out two of Paula Deen's savory dishes from The Lady and Sons, Too! cookbook: Stewed Salmon and Asparagus Casserole.  I didn't read the recipe instructions very well for the stewed salmon, so I didn't save the liquid from the canned salmon to add to the broth.  My natural instinct is to drain my canned goods as soon as I open them, especially tuna and the like!  Overall the dish was "okay."  A bit heavy on the butter, and the flavor could've used the boost that would've come from the broth.  Not sure if I'd make this one again; this recipe made my house smell like cat food  :(  I think I'll stick to fresh salmon!

It was another "miss" with the asparagus casserole (definitely glad I only made half the recipe!).  Something about the boiled eggs in there kinda weirded me out, and the bread crumb toppy was messy and distracting.  Maybe Paula Deen uses panko or fresh bread crumbs?  Or tosses them with butter before baking?  Better luck next time, I suppose.  Be sure to check out the My Girl, Paula! page to see what the other members cooked up this week!

*For all my fellow geeks out there: I almost filed this under "Fail"-- but it's not so much a recipe fail as a "Do not want."  I'm sure tons of people love these recipes...


  1. My natural instinct is to immediately drain my canned goods too! Lol, and my hubby always yells at me when I drain the oil out of his tuna...he likes to mix it in! :(

  2. I have to admit this would not be something that I would want to eat. Then again I don't like salmon. I agree that draining a can is something I do without even thinking about it.