Friday, October 9, 2009

Spicy Enchiladas with Pumpkin Sauce

Oh, Martha.  You've really done it this time.  Or maybe your legions of staff members are to blame.  Whatever the case, these enchiladas are ah-maz-ing.  Swapping out the traditional red sauce with a savory pumpkin sauce is both unexpected and delicious.  And nutritious.  If you ignore all the cheese.  Behold:

(fun with Photoshop®)

The recipe was originally published in Everyday Food, but may now be found on Martha's site here.  I cut the recipe in half, using a leftover rotisserie chicken and monterey jack cheese instead of white cheddar.  Next time I might use either more jalapeno or pepper jack cheese (or both), since the enchiladas weren't as spicy as I had hoped.  A look inside:

My enchiladas lost all structural integrity once baked, making it especially difficult to serve in one piece.  The corn tortillas I purchased were rather thin, and I ignored my initial idea to double up on the tortillas while rolling them up.  They "became one" with the pumpkin sauce, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing--just unlike the solid restaurant enchiladas I'm used to.

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  1. I'm in heaven just reading and looking at these pictures! Come enter this recipe at my blog under the MckLinky! So delicious!