Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Reason for My Cupcake Madness

Let me first say that I never watch QVC or the Home Shopping Network. They never seem to be peddling anything I deem worthy of picking up my phone and calling in an order for. Until now. That handy dandy contraption you see above is called a "Cupcake Courier" and it's one of those things that you see and think, "man I wish I'd invented that!" The premise is so simple, and yet the result is so genius--and useful too. I saw this on tv a while back (last year, maybe?), but didn't seem to think it was something I should fork out the bucks for at the time. Tired of toting cupcakes around in cardboard Anheuser-Busch trays**, I decided that my birthday would be the perfect time to splurge and treat myself to a happy little present.

Got mine from for a pretty good deal. I ordered "soft blue sky," which in the online picture and packaging was the most beautiful, soft baby blue. (Even lighter than in the picture above) Upon opening the box, however, I was greeted with a brilliant glow of turquoise. Turquoise? I don't even like turquoise. I can't even pronounce it. Turquoise is neither soft nor blue! But it's grown on me, and right now I'm pretty much loving it. Even bought me a turquoise shirt recently. Tur-kwaaz. I think I like saying it that way. The color looks good on me too...makes me look even more tan, which may or may not be a good thing.

**my parents run a small-town grocery store. Empty beer trays abound, so I have a pretty steady source of cupcake-totin' trays. But then everyone thinks I'm some sort of beer-swiggin' baker or something. I'm not. I don't even like the smell of beer.

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