Monday, May 26, 2008

Cupcake Backlog

So it's Memorial Day and I promised myself that since I had an extra day off this weekend, I would take the opportunity to update my blog. Well guess what? It's Monday night, 6:30 pm, and I've only just started on my posts. In my defense, I've been busy this weekend. One of my friends graduated on Saturday (with her second bachelor's degree! And now she's off to graduate school for her Master's. Hmm... does someone love school?), so I went to that and the festivities afterwards. Yesterday my dad and I did some flower-planting, weed pulling, and various other yard duties. It was hot. That blew my entire day. So here I am today, updating...

Here are some cupcakes I made in March to share at work for my birthday. March? Wow, I'm behind. Left: Pink Velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. Right: Cinnamon-vanilla cupcake with coffee buttercream. Mmmmm. Tasty.

Cupcakes for the company crawfish boil in April. Back: Chocolate-Cream Cheese cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. Front: Lemon Funfetti cupcakes with lemon buttercream. These were tart. Too tart. Better luck next time. Here they are in my cupcake caddy:

I'd been thinking about getting Invisaligns for a couple of years now, and in January I decided to go for it since I could now afford it. I couldn't get an appointment scheduled for a consultation until February, and as it happened I caught the "sickness of death" the week I was supposed to go. After rescheduling, then going in twice for impressions, I still had to wait 8 weeks for them to arrive. Well... I finally got them April 24th! And I'm not gonna lie--the first few days hurt. I made the cupcakes below the first night I had my Invisialigns in. Needed something to distract me from the pain, because lying on the couch pouting was NOT an option for me. Baking always gets me in "the zone." Strawberry/strawberry cupcakes and Cookies 'n' creme cupcakes (white cake with crushed Oreos mixed in).


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