Monday, May 26, 2008

Mini Red Velvet Cupcake FAIL

I had this crazy notion that making Red Velvet cupcakes in mini-cupcake form would be a fantastic idea. Which it was, until it came time to frost and pack them away for transport. How the heck was I supposed to carry 8 dozen mini cakes to work? All frosted up they'd be impossible to stack and just throw in a giant tub, and I was NOT about to lug a bunch of cookie sheets up the stairs at work. Altogether they just take up too much surface area...something I hadn't accounted for.

Ever the clever and resourceful baker, I decided to improvise and forgo my usual cream cheese icing and instead top these gems with a cream cheese glaze. That supposedly hardens. According to the internet. I learned the hard way that not all glazes harden to the same extent. The recipe I chose said the glaze would "set," which I incorrectly interpreted as "it will get hard enough to stack." The top crusted over nicely by the next morning, but breaking the crust revealed a still-liquid layer. Not yummy. So off goes the glaze and the wrappers, for as it turns out, this batch of cupcakes was destined to become cake balls. I hadn't made cake balls since Christmas, so I figured it was high time they made it back into my repertoire. By the way, if any of you decide you want to make cake balls, do yourself a favor and bake a cake in a 9x13" pan. Peeling off 8 dozen wrappers? Not fun.

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