Monday, May 26, 2008

Graduation Party!

My cousin P. just graduated from Xavier University in New Orleans a few weeks ago with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. I'm so proud of him, but then again I guess I'm a little biased regarding his choice of major. His sister called me a couple of weeks before his party (which was on Mother's Day) to ask me to make a cake for his party. I suggested doing cupcakes in different flavors to suit the varied tastes of the partygoers, *sneaky grin* and she agreed, giving me free license on flavors and decorations. Yay! I quickly envisioned a perfect Neapolitan trio of cupcakes and came up with the following combos: Coconut-lemon, Fresh strawberry, and Chocolate-chocolate chip. (See above) I know that Neapolitan involves vanilla, but I wanted something a little more intriguing. As luck would have it, the coconut-lemon ones were the last to go at the party. Drat. Should've stuck with the basics.

The task of delivering 72 cupakes to New Orleans presented me with a problem though--how was I going to package them? True, I have the Cupcake Courier that I so love to use, but alas- only 36 can fit in them. I searched online and found cupcake inserts that could fit into a sheet cake box (14" x 20"), but they could only be purchased in bulk or would not ship in time. I bought some window cake boxes and had to rig up the inserts myself using gold posterboard, a ruler, and a circle cutter. I'm really satisfied with how they turned out, but the whole thing took a lot more time and planning than I expected. It was definitely well worth the effort though, because for me the presentation "makes it." So I'm just going to go ahead and say it now: I am fancy. Oh, and did you notice the little touch I added with the Fuzzkoala Cake Company sticker? Nice.

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