Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Hoo" Could Resist? Guess "Owl" Never Know!

*groan* :) These owl cupcakes are probably among the cutest things to ever emerge from my kitchen, no? My sister and I joined forces to bring these owls to life as both blondes and brunettes. It's only fair after all. Wanna make some? Find the instructions in the Hello, Cupcake! book I've ALREADY TOLD YOU TO GO BUY (see previous post). Do it now! You'll have a hoot! Sorry. ^_^Okay... one more, I promise. A word to the "wise": seek out other brands of chocolate sandwich cookies (as in, maybe not Oreos®), because the brand name ones, delicious though they may be, can be too fragile to separate successfully. The cookie is just too delicate and crumbly to remove in one piece! The Golden version of that same cookie? A dream to work with! Oh and go ahead and follow the book's recommendation of using Junior Mints® for the eye part. We used Milk Duds®, which were unfortunately kinda lumpy and misshapen. Which is fine if you're going for the crazy-eye look, but we weren't.

* If you really love owls and cheesy puns, go to Target and seek out a particular set of towels in their bed & bath section. They're hot pink, valentine-themed towels with owls appliqued on them. And the phrase "Owl love you forever" Awesome!


  1. oh! how cute. you're right they do look crazed, crazed and yummy =)

  2. So cute! I'm going to post this link to my blog... It's so good that I have to share!