Monday, August 27, 2007

Games of Acadiana

So this is sort of late to be posting, but the Games of Acadiana will be held tomorrow, August 18th, at the Cajundome in Lafayette. I'll be there pretty much all day, but you can find me at the "Speed Stacking" event from 12:30-3:00 pm. Admission is free, and all proceeds benefit the Miles Perret Cancer Center. So come on out and have a great time! Come! Play! BUY! (edit: it was a blast! Definitely going to be volunteering again next year)

I will be sad if at the end of the day all my baked goods have not sold, so be a friend and BUY. It's for a good cause, and all packages are $1.00. I KNOW you have a dollar. (edit: Anika told me that a lady actually TOOK a pack of my cupcakes out of her hand. Apparently they were a hit! I was very glad to see that around 1 pm, almost ALL of my stuff had sold. It's all in the packaging, ya know. Which was very cute by the way.)

Bake sale madness...

All in all over the past two days I've made:
48 very tasty cream-filled cupcakes (mmm.. like Hostess, only BETTER!)

158 scrumpdiddlyumptious chocolate chip cookies
74 meltingly delicious lemon cookies
Here's a picture of what used to be our kitchen table:
And for those of you counting...not all of the baked goods made it to the table! Some were given away, stolen, or "lost" by the baker :)

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