Sunday, September 13, 2009

Start Your Day Off Right

Having exhausted my freezer-supply of morning glory muffins, I was looking for something different to bake up for the next few weeks' breakfasts. My parents came to visit last week, armed with a rather large clamshell of blueberries from the warehouse club. Faced with more blueberries than I could possibly eat before they entered Moldsville, I needed to bake them up pronto. Blueberry muffins were an obvious choice, but since I've been eating muffins for two weeks I decided to try out this recipe by Farmgirl Fare. I used a 50/50 mixture of all-purpose and whole wheat flour for an added nutrition boost, and they turned out deliciously! Blueberries stuffed between oatmeal and wheat strusel? Tasty!


  1. How do you plan on storing the bars for extended use?

  2. I wrapped them individually in plastic wrap and stashed them in a big zip-top baggie in the freezer. Take out to defrost as needed! :)