Monday, September 28, 2009

My Girl, Paula: Squash Casserole

Oh. My. Word.  Paula Deen has done it again with this squash casserole from The Lady and Sons, Too! cookbook, which was selected as this week's My Girl, Paula recipe.  This casserole was delicious and filling; I'd say that it could serve 6 or 8, not 4 as listed in the recipe. 

Changes I made:
  • Used crushed plain Goldfish® crackers instead of Ritz® (got them on sale for 99 cents!)
  • Used diced colby cheese
  • Drained and mashed squash in a sieve held over the cooking pot.  A LOT of water came out!  Took 2 lbs. squash to yield 2 cups mashed.  Probably could've used 1½ lbs. if I didn't try so hard to drain the water out. (Using this much squash might be why my casserole is so filling!


  1. looks great! I wonder if you could use Cheese-its. I have a wholesale club sized box in my pantry right now ;)

  2. It looks so cute with the goldfish on top! I quartered the recipe and it fit in two ramekins. They are in the oven now. I love squash casserole. Glad to hear you liked it :D

  3. I bet Cheese-its would be great in this casserole; I much prefer them to the cheddar goldfish crackers for snacking!

  4. Ooooh, goldfish. Great idea! And they look so cute sitting on your casserole. We really liked this recipe at my house. Glad you enjoyed it!