Tuesday, August 4, 2009

100th Post (Now with Rainbows! ♥)

Not too long ago I made a colorful treat known as Broken Glass Jell-O. Remember? You may also recall that I failed to include grape/violet/purple in the mix, no? This new and improved version is more properly rainbow-colored, though again I've snubbed indigo. Poor indigo. Not many people remember to invite you to the party. If only you were more easily distinguished from blue and violet...
A word of caution if you plan to make this according to my previous recipe: be careful with how much white layer you add to your pan. I had forgotten how perilously full my pan was during my first run, so I had some spillage issues while transporting the whole mess (literally!) to the fridge to firm up. Keep in mind that adding another color to the mix will increase the volume of gelatin cubes by at least 1¼ cups. Either decrease the amount of boiling water to 2 cups (down from 2½ cups), or hold back when pouring the white layer over your cubes. The excess can be poured into a bowl for a deliciously creamy, vaguely coconutty treat later.

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  1. Don't you just love broken glass Jell-O! It's so beautiful and fun!