Friday, August 13, 2010



Waaaay back in March I received this lovely group of blog awards from Alison of Just Like Grandma's, and since I was busy at the time I thanked her and promised to post & pass them along when I had time.  Fast forward five months later, and it turns out...I FORGOT.  Whoops.  My memory was jogged when I received this:

from Liza of The Smiths, my Domestic Dork's Valentine's Day Exchange partner.  I'm bending the rules a bit here, as I've shared lots of info with you already in previous award post.  So...I'll share 5 things about me and pass this award suite on to 5 others.

1.  I'm an "edge" person when it comes to brownies.  Gives me something to hold on to.  One edge only, so corners are out.
2.  I picked our wedding date (January 15th, 2011) *mostly* so I could have date that is the same backwards and fowards: 1-1-5-1-1.  Geeky? Yes. Don't judge :D
3.  If all my meals could be served in cafeteria-style trays, I'd be one happy gal.  (You know, no touching.)
4.  Rainbows (and rainbow-colored things in general) make me happy.  A peek into my closet would reveal t-shirts arranged in rainbow order.
5.  I have a thing about stickers.  As in, I like to hoard them and look at them...but not actually use them.  Though that may change now that Mr. Koala has given me THIS.

Now that I've given you some insight into my weird and quirky ways, check out the following blogs I'll be passing these awards to:

1. Jessica of How Sweet it is
2. Carrie of Cooking with Carrie
4. Sharlene of Small Town Oven
5. Lacy of Catholic Icing

Have a safe and wonderful weekend, every one!

Aaaah! I inadvertently left out Kelly of Crouching Mother, Hidden Toddler for passing on the "Versatile Blogger" and "Sugar Doll Award" to me.  Sorry, Kelly! 


  1. Thanks so much!!! I've never gotten so many awards at once before :-) Cute blog!

  2. Congrats on the award and it's always nice learning more about my blogger friends. I love brownie edges for their chewy goodness, too.

  3. 1/15 is my husband's birthday! It'll be a great day!! :D