Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eleven and OH...Here We Go!

I don't watch football, which means I have nothing to contribute to the Monday morning conversations at work for six months out of the year.  Since 99.9% of the discussions revolve around "the game" or the standings of their fantasy football league, I tend to steer clear of the break room during football season.  I may not know much about the sport, but I DO know this: if there's one thing that football is good at, it's uniting people.  With the Saints doing so remarkably well this year, everyone's been in such good spirits.  Let's hope these good moods continue to linger in the air, regardless of the Saints' record...which will hopefully be 11-0 when they defeat the Patriots Monday night!

Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe

 This is one of my first ventures into decorating sugar cookies with royal icing.  While I found the icing very easy to pipe and decorate with, the crunchy texture just wasn't to my liking.  I might stick to my usual icing, sacrificing the decorative details for a softer-eatin' cookie!  The Fleur de Lis cutter is from Bake it Pretty, one of my favorite supply shops.  The jerseys were cut using a baby onesie cutter, then trimmed to remove the bottom part.  I didn't like the shape of the football cutter from my Wilton 101 cutters set, so I cut one myself with the biggest round cutter from that set--Venn diagram style.


  1. Haha you and Julia of Melanger have both been rockin' the Venn diagram in cookie-shaping lately. Love the creativity! Your decorations are impeccable and adorable. I also feel left out on sports convos at work all the time. Thank god my bf doesn't care about them.

  2. Very cute cookies! Awesome idea using the onesie for the jersey!

  3. That game is being watched in this house tonight! Mr. Nutmeg Nanny is a die hard Patriots fan :)