Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

Ever dream about those pillowy-soft rolls you get at chain restaurants and buffets?* I do (all the time!), and I'm on a quest to re-create their piping hot, plush goodness at home. I have a few dinner roll recipes in my arsenal of yet-to-be-tested items, and one of them was the dinner roll recipe I found on The Cupcake Project. I especially liked that they were baked in muffin tins. Not only are they cute, but the tin will contain a dough that is more slack (meaning you can use less flour and not have to worry about dough blobs spreading all over your pan. Less flour = softer, fluffier rolls) As you can see, I followed the wheat variation but ignored the words "whole wheat pastry flour" and opted for regular whole wheat flour. Bad call. While still wonderfully risen and delicious in its own right, using the wrong flour gave it a weird texture. Maybe there's a reason it calls for the pastry flour after all! This definitely calls for a "do over," but maybe this time I'll stick to plain white flour and see what happens.

*Like Texas Roadhouse and Ryan's, for example. Not that I ever go there. :D

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