Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lucy is 6 Months!

Our little Lucy turned 6 months last week!  We started her on solids last weekend using the Baby Led Weaning method.  So far I don't think she's actually swallowed any of the food that's gone into her mouth, but we'll keep trying and hope that one day soon it will click for her.  Right now she's happy to grab at the food and chomp on it a bit (no teeth yet) before pushing it out with her tongue. 

Foods she's tried: 
- steamed broccoli
- rice
- avocado
- round crackers
- animal crackers
- pear
- lettuce

Tonight we're having breakfast for dinner, so Lucy will get toast fingers and some banana!



  1. Happy 6 months Lucy! She is so adorable :)

  2. What a little sweetie she is -- happy 6 months! :)