Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Months

Q: "'s married life?" (asked by pretty much EVERYONE I've crossed paths with since the wedding)
A: "Fantastic!  Things are going along swimmingly!"

The past five months have been filled with nothing but wonderful, busy, joy-filled days.  Our Disney World honeymoon was better than I could have ever imagined.  It was quite a sight to see how quickly the two of us reverted back to giddy, squealing children once we set foot on Disney property! Luckily no one noticed because everyone else there was acting the same way.  Truly a magical place!  Here a few photo highlights:

The Castle is gorgeous at night!

Funnel cake topped with soft serve, strawberries, and chocolate syrup.
At Mickey's Dance Party in Hollywood Studios
Best water tower ever!

Swan Boatin' at the Dolphin Hotel
I ♥ Dumbo
Acting dorky in Epcot's Germany Pavilion.  Man, those chocolate apples look good!

Will the dorkiness ever end?!?!
At the Orlando Airport, waiting for our flight home



  1. You two are too cute!!!! What a fun honeymoon :D

  2. So happy to see a post from you, Dorothy! I'm glad that married life is treating you two are so cute together! I'm a huge Disney fan too...this post definitely has me wanting to plan my next trip to Disney!

  3. Glad everything is going so well and that you had a wonderful honeymoon! Phil & I decided that is where we are going for our honeymoon in October!!! Do you have any pointers for us?

  4. Hi Mariah!
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I know you and Phil will have a great time in Disney World. October is the perfect time to visit Disney--the weather is more bearable and because most kids are in school the crowds won't be as bad either! That doesn't mean the parks will be empty though; there will be plenty of tour groups who take advantage of going during the off-season. (our honeymoon was in January, and there were TONS of school groups from Brazil at Disney World!)

    Anyway, you wanted tips:

    1) Use sites like or to help you plan and get the most for your money.

    2) Spend some time at the Boardwalk to get away from the hustle & bustle of the parks. You can even rent a surrey bike for two!

    3) If you're big soda/coffee/tea drinkers like my husband and I are, the plastic refillable mugs can save you lots of $$$. They cost $12 or so, but they come with unlimited refills at any of the resorts on property, not just the one you're staying in!

    4) Sunscreen! You'll definitely need some, and if you forget yours you'll pay top dollar for some at the Disney stores (like we did!)

    5) Pack a mini umbrella or fold-up poncho for those random Florida afternoon showers.

    6) If you have time, stop by for an amimation class in Hollywood Studios. It's fun, free, and you'd be surprised at how good of an artist you actually are!

    7) Have fun! Accept the fact that you cannot possibly do or see everything you planned.

  5. Thank you sooo much! This will help us a lot!

  6. It's so nice to hear from you again! It looks like you two kids has a blast at Disney :)

  7. Thanks, Nutmeg Nanny! We had the best time at Disney! And it's good to be back :)