Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rethinking the Biscuit

Tough biscuits weighing you down?  Get out from under that sad rain cloud and give these KAF Guaranteed Biscuits a try.  If you think you need butter, shortening, or biscuit cutters to make tender, tasty biscuits your family will devour--think again.  The clever use of cornstarch and heavy cream in this recipe assures light and delicate results, and their square shape means you can avoid overworking the dough through repeated re-rolling.  There's a reason the folks at King Arthur Flour have place their "Guaranteed" stamp on this recipe; even biscuit novices like me can have biscuit success.  Hockey pucks no more!


  1. wowwy! I love the idea of no shortening, I can't wait to give these a go ~ that KAF is quite a good source!

  2. They look so soft and delicious!

  3. I made these cream biscuits over the weekend, and they were fantastic! Easy, fool-proof and tasty. Thanks for posting them. The King Arthur web site is a wonderful source of good recipes.