Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cupcake order, Part II

It's been a crazy busy baking weekend. Did I mention that the lady who ordered the zoo cupcakes also ordered a batch of Disney's Cars themed cupcakes for her son to bring to school on his birthday? No? Well she did, and here they are in all their cream cheese-topped, vanilla cakey glory. 'Lightning McQueen' cupcake liners? Red and blue sprinkles? You got 'em.

We originally planned to do red velvet cupcakes to match the color scheme, but I don't think too many moms would be happy if their sons and daughters came home with red mouths...hands...clothes...you get the point. They ARE 4 years old, after all. And even though I've never seen the movie Cars, I'd like to mention that I think "Lightning McQueen" is quite possibly the coolest character name ever. Like, ev-er. See ya next time.

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